Great wave. πŸ’™

We are in a great wave right now. The monkey has been doing amazing. His bus arrives at our home at 6:30 am. We wake him up at 5:45 and he right away gets in the shower and comes out so happy. I remember when I used to have to tackle him, wrap him up in a blanket, and force his meds on him while my husband would hold his head. It was horrible for all of us. And now, he sees that I am getting ready to give him his meds, and runs to me, opens his mouth, and takes the meds, and goes back to whatever he was doing. His teacher’s notes have been great. He doesn’t struggle with PE anymore. The teacher’s told us that this week, he has been silly, he laughs a lot, smiles all the time, and he even hugs his classmates. A few days ago, another child was having a hard time and scrached the monkey. The monkey stayed calm and didn’t react negatively. My husband joked “Wow, you mean it is not our kid doing the scratching? That’s great news! ”

I am so grateful for moments like these. I know the bad times will come, but I treasure these great moments and hold on to them. We have had a long rough road to get there. We will keep fighting. We won’t give up. ❀️



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