I also love someone who doesn’t have autism. ❤️❤️

Today I had a date with my daughter, just the two of us in celebration of my birthday. We went to see a movie in the morning without the boys. Then we had planned to go shopping.

I love these mother/daughter times. She talks to me about her classes, her friends, her boyfriend, het homework, etc. I don’t worry about our monkey since he’s at home with my husband.

I enjoy hanging out with her and hearing about the complications of the life of a college freshman with a part time job at Five Guys. 😊

And it’s beautiful to hear.

These are the moments that my husband and I always strive for. To make her feel special and just as important as my monkey. To always talk about her triumphs, her successes, and tell her how proud we are of her.

We know my son’s struggles are her struggles. We see how she is so protective of him, and so proud of his accomplishments. She is his number one supporter.

I know she also went through a tough phase of acceptance when we received my son’s diagnosis. Her baby brother wasn’t going to be the brother that she had thought he’d be. And yet we see how she loves him so, she struggles in protecting him from the world.

She’s had it a little rough. She was an only child for the first twelve years of her life. Yet she’s so beautiful and selfless that she doesn’t complain.

And although we don’t know what the future has in store for my monkey, she takes on the big sister role with so much grace.

I’ve mentioned before how she greets him every morning, “Good morning my love.”

Yes. I also love someone who doesn’t have autism. ❤️❤️


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