It gets better. ❤️

Not sure what’s going on with this kid but it’s not getting better.

My parents went to pick him up at school today so they can take him to therapy. He threw himself on the school floor and fought everyone that got near him. My mom injured her shoulder. We keep making changes because his transitions to my parents car have been really tough.

It’s not getting any better.

Yesterday our in-home trainer came for our evening session. He fought all of us. He kicked and tried to bite us. He didn’t want to work at all. One of the times he tried to make a run for it, I grabbed him by the shirt before he could escape and I scratched his chest.

Twice he got so mad he went up to Bella , his doggie and kicked her. 💔

I finally had enough and carried him to his room and put him in time out. He was crying so much I told him to stay there until he was ready to apologize.

He finally came downstairs and hugged our in home trainer. Then he hugged me. He kept looking for reassurance that we had forgiven him.

It was rough.

Really rough.

We have been doing so good lately. And now this.

I’ve been pretty bumbed all day.

Then my daughter messages me:
“I’ve been working all this week but I’m off Thursday. And for my day off, I want to drive around and see the monkey wear his headphones! I’m so excited!”

And many times I question the way I parent. Most of the time I don’t know what I’m doing it.

Let’s be real, we’re all just winging it. 🤷

And then my daughter says something like this that just fills my heart. That on her way off, she wants to share in the joy of seeing her brother conquer something very difficult.

And I want to tell you, if you’re a worn out papa or mama, know how special you are. You’re everything to these little people. Hang in there. It gets better. Sometimes it’s just hard to see. ❤️💖💗

Photo credit: Meg McMillan


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