We can keep going. ❤️

We went to Sam’s today to buy some pool supplies. While we are looking at the chlorine tablets, the monkey started to get out of the shopping cart. We didn’t notice that on top of the pool supplies was a playground set.

He was trying to get up there and play. He was getting fussy because we were telling him he couldn’t. I right away told my husband let’s go. We can come back later.

My husband said, “Let’s give the monkey some time. He can handle this.” So we kept shopping around the store, trying to distract the monkey. And eventually the monkey calmed down.

The easiest thing was to leave the store right away. But we didn’t. And the monkey proved to us that with a little bit of patience we can keep going. And in our case, buy the laundry detergent that we needed. 😊


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