Reaching Out. 💙

Last week I was having a rough day. I was at work but really needed someone. I reached out to a fellow autism mom. We aren’t very close. We know each other as she is an autism activist and a leader for our autism community in our city.

She messaged me to confirm some details for an event we were hosting. As I replied to her question, I also asked her if she was busy. When she replied she had time to talk, I wrote I just need a shoulder to to lean on.

And she was there.

She listened. She didn’t judge. She just heard me out.

And that’s all that I needed.

She understood. She’s been there before.

It was comforting.

I’m so glad I reached out. I don’t know why we don’t do that a lot. Maybe it’s because we feel other people have their own problems to worry about? Maybe it’s because it makes us look weak? Maybe we just simply do not want to bother others?

After our talk I was able to go back to work, and concentrate on meetings and deadlines that I had. I was able to unload, refresh, and hit the road running again.

Thank you for being my shoulder when I needed it. 💙

I think we need to reach out more. It helps us heal faster. And it helps us unload to become better parents, better people.

And that afternoon during our event, she gave me this painting. She said her boys and her had worked on it for me. They were thinking of me. They even signed their name at the bottom.

And I am beyond a grateful.


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