Our Hero. 💙

A post from the hubby. ❤️

Our monkey’s current speech therapist has been pushing him. During the sessions, she uses the iPad as the form of communication and has had much success with him. Before every session, she has a list of tasks that he must complete.

However, she had been struggling to get him to do Mr. Potatoe head. He is to ask for the different body parts using the iPad, but it hasn’t been easy. When she would bring Mr. Potato head out, he would have a tantrum. This lead to some bad behavior from my little guy such as pinching and scratching. We can see all of this from the viewing room. But she has been determined to get him to accept this part of their session.

Last week as my son and I were leaving OT therapy, she was driving away and she saw us. She pulled over and came running with a big smile. She told me that the monkey had finally engaged with Mr. Potatoe head and with another similar toy. She was so happy telling me this and I was moved to see how much celebration she was bringing to this accomplishment. I smiled and told her how great that was to hear.

Today I came in to my little guy’s speech therapy session. I could see from the viewing room why she was so excited about. I had not seen it but I now, I understand how important this was to her. She pushed him and she refused to give up on him. She shows love and understanding even when our monkey is having a bad day.

I see her passion in her work and dedication. Our monkey responds to all of her love by running into her sessions with excitement and often refusing to leave her room when their time is up. He finds comfort and a safe place to learn while having fun. She is one of our heroes and beloved people to have won our hearts. 💙


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