At a loss. 💔

The monkey loves the swing. At school he loves recess time because he gets to swing away. We’ve been struggling for him to come back inside after recess is over. But lately he’s been doing better. They give him count downs and he now understands he needs to come inside.

But today it rained.

That means no recess. No swings.

The monkey was upset. He was so upset he couldn’t come back from his meltdown. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t go outside. They were in the cafeteria trying to calmn him down and they were unable to. The paraprofessional couldn’t calmn him down so the other para intervened. He is stronger and we’ve noticed the monkey usually listens to him more.

Well this time the monkey grabbed a fork and launched it towards his eye.

I can’t even type this.

Towards his eye.

I just can’t. 💔💔💔

The para went to get checked. We still haven’t heard how he’s doing.

The monkey has been doing so well lately. This meltdown caught them off guard. And when they came back to class, he was fine.

He doesn’t understand the gravity of his actions.

And now we wait. Praying for this man. Hoping he’s okay.

I’m just at a loss for words right now. Just so broken. 💔😓


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