Beautiful. 💙

The monkey is home all this week. Summer school starts next week so he has an entire week off. My husband is home for the summer (he is a teacher). What all of this means is that the change in schedule throws off my son. I’m sure he is questioning why he is not getting up early to shower and wait for the bus like other days? Why is dad staying home? Why does mom leave?

Yesterday, my husband said the monkey was doing great at home. He was happy all day. But as my daughter and husband were taking the monkey to therapy, he started crying. Out of nowhere, on the ride over, he started crying. He hadn’t been to therapy since Thursday due to the holiday, so this change in schedule was difficult too. When I arrived to meet them at therapy, I could hear him crying. He was outside, in the entrance steps, sitting down, just sobbing.

His cries weren’t of being angry, they were genuinely sad. And that’s the thing with autism. Changes in routine are difficult for him. Add to this the difficulty in communicating, well that creates more issues. As much as we try to explain to him what comes next and what to expect, he still struggles with the change. He needs consistency. And unfortunately, life is anything but constant.

I went in to look for our therapist to tell her he was struggling. I wasn’t sure if it would be best to simply go home. Sometimes, when he’s like this, we realize that going home is best.

As she comes out to see how bad he is, she tells him, “Hey my friend. Want to go inside with me and play?”
And just like that, he stops crying, looks up at her, grabs her hand, and walks inside towards his room, while wiping away his tears.

In that instant, her calming voice was all he needed to know he would be okay. He could handle this change.
As they are walking down the hall, holding hands, she turns around and looks at us, and gives us a thumbs up!
I know all of this is tough my son, but you are going to be okay. We got you my monkey.

What makes you different, is what makes you beautiful.


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