Lately. 💙❤️💙❤️

Lately, the monkey has been doing really good. At school, the teacher has said he does great even when there’s changes in his schedule. Last week they had an event outside and he did great for thirty minutes. Thirty minutes! This would have been unheard of a few years back.

His occupational therapist has changed and now they alternate every other week. They are both extremely different. One is sweet which means my son likes to take advantage by giving kisses to get out of working. 🤣 And the other one is tougher, firmer, and the monkey understands and does well there too.

His speech therapist at school sends us the weekly reports and tell us how he has been using his communication scoreboard and even acknowledges the other students. He started sharing his markets!

Our in home trainer came last week and she told us how great the teacher and the monkey get along. Last year, the monkey had his own workspace, away from everyone else. He would also try to escape from the classroom whenever he would see an opportunity. But this year, he has to sit in the desk with other kiddos and follow the calendar. He is asked to work and he follows the instructions. It is rare that we hear he has had a rough day.

Maybe it’s because he has matured more. Maybe he is just growing and is learning what is expected of him. But whatever it is, we see our child growing. This past weekend, when things wouldn’t go his way, we would see him get very upset. And he would raise his hand, his first instinct is to hit. But he would stop himself, self-regulate, and try to breathe out his frustrations. And he never hurt us.

We are in a high right now, which is really awesome since so many other times our lows make it hard to get up. We know that this change of seasons usually cause him to act out. I understand. I hate changes too. But he’s holding it together. And for being only seven, I think he’s doing great.

This past weekend, the monkey would run up to me, out of the blue, hug me, look up at me, and give me a kiss. He did this so many times I lost count.

Yeah my monkey, we will be okay.


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