Day Trip ❤️

The monkey is still struggling. He eats a little bit more than before but not much. He will swim for a bit, twenty minutes or so, and then he’s done for the day. My daughter mentioned that he has not been out since mid March. We will drive him around our neighborhood but as far as getting out of the car, he hasn’t. He’s only been inside our home and that must be tough for him.

So today we decided to go for a drive, long drive. We had planned the day, two and a half hour drive to go hiking where there’s no one around. We packed a cooler the night before and were ready to leave early in the morning.

As soon as he noticed we were leaving he cried. He cried so much and during the drive,he tried to get my husband to turn back every chance he could. After about an hour, he was tired of crying and simply gave in.

We arrived to a place full of trees and no one around. He hated it and wanted to get in the car. But we locked the car and didn’t give in. I had brought some blankets to sit and have a picnic. We ate sandwiches in the middle of the forest. He didn’t eat but drank lots of water. He eventually started walking around and so went on a small hike. He finally got tired and asked his dad to carry him on his shoulders. But he was at peace.

After that, he was ready to leave. We drove around and found a beautiful place with a small creek but he was adamant he wasn’t getting out. We figured we had pushed him already so we didn’t force him. We drove around the forrest and then decided to drive back home.

On the drive home he was so happy. He was singing and couldn’t contain his excitement. We get it buddy. You’re happy we are coming home.

As we got to our exit, he couldn’t handle it. He was jumping up and down, couldn’t wait to get home. When we got home we started taking everything down the car. We had the cooler and trash to pick up and clean out the blankets that we used during the picnic. But he was very anxious. He wanted us all in and wanted the garage door closed. He didn’t want to come inside or close the door until we were all inside and accounted for.

As we were in the kitchen putting away the food he went outside to be with his doggies. And he went inside the pool to hang out with them.

I don’t know if this day trip helped him out. But my daughter said that he really needed this. She said he deserved to get out and enjoy the fresh air.

And I agree. ❤️


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