Teacher P. ♥️💙

Today while I was sitting in my bedroom working, I could hear the monkey’s virtual teacher scolding him from his bedroom television, “You need to apologize to Teacher P. You need to sit down and apologize to her.”

Every morning when Teacher P is scheduled to come in, I will tell the monkey “Teacher P is coming. You are going to have class and work today.” He comes over to me, pinches my T-shirt and taps his head twice. His way of telling me he doesn’t want to work. I always reply with, “I get it buddy. I don’t want to work either.”

But as soon as he sees Teacher P, he skips towards his room, sits down on his desk, and is ready. And that’s his way of telling me, “Mom she’s okay. I’m safe with her.”

She has a soft voice. And the monkey tries to get away with not working. But he does this to all his new therapists and teachers. He tries to see how much he can win. He’s such a smart kid, and so typical too! 😂. This is why he was being scolded this morning. He was being silly and wasn’t paying attention.

Since we have to document what he does, she takes pics and videos and sends them to us. She sent us this video today. I love how she corrects him and he understands. And their high five at the end, it just fills my heart. ❤️

This kid is surrounded by people that love him. And if we are surrounded by people that love us, we will make it. Everyone of us will be okay because we have those that will be there, for anything we need and love unconditionally.

And just like how Ms. Helen, one of our autism online family members, ends her messages, I will end this post:

Love and light. ❤️🙏


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