Where craziness is just part of it. 🤣🤪

A few weeks ago when our main bathroom was being remodeled, Blu our cat, went through the floor holes when the guys weren’t watching. We could hear him crying but we struggled to get him out. Eventually my husband had to cut the wall from the back of the fridge downstairs to free him.

Today they were working on my daughter’s bathroom. They cut through some of the flooring and then went to the store get more material. They told me that the cat kept looking at what they were doing. I caught him trying to get inside the hole again. He had to come outside with us in his little tent so he could be safe.

And this is how I was working outside. Multitasking. Making sure my son’s safe, both doggies are doing well, and the cat is safe too.

Blu kept crying because he wanted to get out and explore. The monkey kept trying to free him by unzipping the tent. During conference calls, I would mute my laptop and make sure Blu would not escape. I kept trying to get the monkey to understand that he can’t free up the cat. The monkey didn’t care to listen to me. He knew Blu was miserable and needed help. It was pretty hectic! Adding to this, the dogs would bark at us! 😂


How does one explain this to others?

Autism, where craziness is just part of our everyday lives.



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