Much needed hug. ❤️

I’m so proud of you the monkey. He’s been in summer school for two weeks now. Different school, only half day, and then he gets dropped of at home. Change is always hard for him but he’s taking it so well. My dad has been in the hospital for over a week now. We’ve been trying to juggle hospital, the monkey, and work. It’s been pretty rough. But I always feel that the monkey understands. It’s as if he knows so he’s at his best behavior.

Going to the hospital reminds me of when the monkey was there. How hard it was to stay there for days on end checking on his oxygen constantly not knowing what the end result would be.

And almost 9 years later from the first time he was hospitalized we’re here now. He’s healthy and he’s happy. He has shown us a different view in how to view life. Autism does bring a lot of challenges. But this kid has shown me how to see the beauty when others struggle to see it.

I can see why many feel autism is a tragedy. But the monkey has shown me beauty, love, and forgiveness, all bundled in one.

And as I come home from visiting my dad at the hospital, with much concern weighing for my dad’s health, I am met with a beautiful embrace from my son. He’s oblivious of the issues and concerns that we carry, but he understands that a hug is much needed. ❤️🙏


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