My daughter.

My daughter was 12 when the monkey was born. She had been an only child for years. Then during her middle school years, the monkey came into our lives. I’m sure it was a bit difficult for her with all the changes that happen when a baby comes along. But she always took the role of the protective, older sister very well. When the monkey was diagnosed, she was with us in the doctor’s office. She had asked to be there and wanted to hear firsthand what the doctor would say about her little brother. She would go with us to all of his therapies as well. She wouldn’t attend the ARD meetings because they were during school. But she would want an update of what was discussed as soon as she got home.

When she started attending the university, she took a while to find out what she wanted to study. She changed majors a few times in trying to find herself. I told her this is the time to do it. You have all your life to be an adult and pay mortgages and everything that comes with it. For now, take your time. Find what you like to do as a career. We were very supportive of this.

It didn’t come as a surprise when she landed in speech pathology. She’d been part of the monkey’s prognosis and development that seeing chose a career where she will be able to help others find their voice was very suiting.

She is currently an officer for speech pathology student organization and is in charge of the volunteer programs. She works over 40 hours a week in a fast food place, she goes to school full time, and then handles the duties that come with this volunteer position.

A few weekends ago she was in charge of the Apraxia One Mile Walk. The mission is to help increase awareness and understanding of this disability, and to honor the kiddos that live with it. The walk was a huge success. How can we be any more proud?

My husband has always mentioned to me that we don’t need to speak highly of her. When she was younger, he would tell me that she shines on her own. Others can see her spirit right away. But sometimes I still want to take the time to mention what a proud mama I am.

A few weekends ago the monkey, my husband and I were at the cabin. She didn’t join us because her weekend was busy. She had to work, had class, and she was also in charge of an event to assist the local Down Syndrome Coalition group in our city. She had bought games and prizes for the kiddos; and had been coordinating to get volunteers to attend.

After her exam, she was on her way to grab some flyers for the walk and prizes for the event the next day. We were on the phone. She was telling me she thinks she passed since she studied for weeks. She was on her way to get ready for tomorrow’s event and had many errands to run. And while she’s talking to me on the phone (it’s Bluetooth, so it’s hands free) when I hear the crash. She was in a car accident.

I was about three hours away and felt so helpless. What do I do? I right away ask her if she’s okay. She was able to tell me she was but that was about it. I located her using her phone and called my sister to see if she can go over and be with her. I had been driving the monkey around for a car ride. Right away I called my husband, told him what had happened and started packing. Three hours later, I met her at the emergency room.

She’s doing much better now. She was a bit sore, but much better. Her car was totaled and now is the process on replacing it.

This could have been so much worse. When I hear the news about accidents and how bad some of them are, I just take the time and count our blessings. This could have had a much different ending.

But when I arrived at the ER, my daughter was worried about the event the next day. She was concerned about the kids and the prizes. She eventually had to accept that she wasn’t going to be able to make it and someone else would be taking over those duties.

I think my husband is right. She does shine on her own. She is now moving on in organizing a working a food drive at a local shelter for the holidays.

Situations like car accidents really change us and put things into perspective. Sometimes we’re just so busy with day-to-day things like driving to work, making dinner, studying for an exam, etc that we don’t realize how things can change in an instant. And today I am grateful for my daughter. Her beautiful spirit is inspiring. And I am grateful that we have the blessing to see her grow into this beautiful young woman.


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  1. Jaya says:

    Those 3 hours must have been terrible for you, until you saw her.
    Glad she’s alright. Wishing her a speedy recovery.


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