Thank you.

As you all may know we have been out for a while. It has been an eventful few months for us. First our Facebook page got hacked. That took about a month to get it back. We were told that we would need to delete the account, but I didn’t want to lose this page. Thankfully we were able to retrieve it. Then I got really sick, then the monkey. He is still recovering.

And about a week or so ago we lost a dear friend. This has been an unimaginable heartbreak.

But I wanted to reach out and thank you for your patience throughout this time. But most importantly thank you for your love and support throughout all of these years. I hope you know how much your kind words and encouragement have helped during difficult times. We are extremely grateful.

Monkeynism Family

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  1. Jaya says:

    Wish you all a speedy recovery and happier times. Best wishes always.


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