No time out.

One of our doggies, Harley, misbehaved and my daughter was going to take her outside for a time-out. The monkey ran to protect his buddy. Needless to say, no time out for her.

To be happy

The monkey had never slept thru the night. I remember when he was two years old and a friend had a newborn baby. She was telling me how she struggled during the day with a couple of hours of sleep. And I realized we’ve been in this situation for two years. In our home, we…

I hope.

For when I’m not around anymore, my hopes for you. I hope you make one friend. At least one true friend. I’d ask for more but one would suffice. I hope you can communicate. I see how frustrated you get when you can’t communicate. I hope you are safe. I hope you are loved. I…

Autism, where coffee is a necessity.

Been up with the monkey since 3am. He has a small cough that wasn’t letting him sleep. And as you know with most kids with autism, sleep doesn’t come easy. Once hes up, he’s full of energy, jumping off the walls up. 😴💤 It’s going to be one of those days. ☕☕☕

The Bus Meeting

Because of the bus video where my son was crying due to the monitor’s behavior, the transportation director wanted us to meet with the bus driver and the new monitor assigned to my son’s bus route. The goal was for them to know my son, try to understand his needs, and make a plan for…