That View!

After some years of talking about it and a year of planning, we decided to take a vacation without the monkey and his older sister. This was a hard one for the monkey’s mama. We have never left him without one of us being there with him. We did everything to cover all angles. Each…


My mom had been mentioning that the monkey really likes his speech therapist. Ms. Sarah joined our team about a year ago and the monkey has been doing pretty good with her. But on Monday I was able to take him to therapy and see first hand what my mom was referring to. The monkey…

Think Twice

Please, let’s think twice. ❤️❤️❤️ Photo credit: Understanding Jack  

Autism Community

I love my online autism community.  I was talking to a co-worker who has a friend that just recently received her son’s diagnosis.  And I told her to look for blogs, look for online communities.  I referred her to my page.  Not increase my number of followers – but for her to feel the acceptance. …

What is going on?

My husband and I always think about this. When the monkey does something, or is trying to tell us something and we just can figure it out, we always wonder: “What is going on in that beautiful mind of yours???” I would give anything to know.    

He is going to be amazing!

This meme reminded me of a message from my daughter last year.  My monkey will be more than okay.  He is going to be amazing!

He has his own way of saying it.

The monkey loves to swim. When he wants to go outside, he will look for the sunscreen lotion, and bring it to us. Then he starts clapping – his sign for ‘more’. He has so much to say. He just has his own way of saying it.


This one is rough. I think people mean well when they describe my monkey in this manner. But I hate to use the word ‘normal’ because the opposite of normal is abnormal. My son is unique, as all kids are. And that’s okay. 💙

Need a Friend.

And then there are those days where we just need a friend.    


We have to change the answer to yes. 💙

Yeah, he has empathy.

I have written about how the monkey cannot see someone crying. If you’re crying, he will stop whatever he’s doing, run towards you and kiss you. He thinks his kisses is the cure to your sadness. He cannot predict your thoughts nor read between the lines, but he does try to help. In his own…