PJ costume

The monkey used to hate jeans. And now that’s all he wants to wear. Even at night he won’t let us change him to his pajamas. We wait until he’s asleep to put on his PJs. I knew this morning would be rough. I bought these skeleton glow in the dark PJs for his Halloween…

Trick or Treat Cards

I share this every year. These are the cards that we pass out when we trick or treat. Some families ignore the card, others read it, and others actually say hi to my monkey. Either or, I think it is a great way to spread awareness!


Yesterday we borrowed my dad’s little two door truck. It’s a thirty-year old truck but very reliable. We had done some yard work and had many bags to throw at the dump site (city collections site). The monkey sat between us on our way there. And he loved it. He tried to move the shift…


I had just dropped of my mom today and was headed home. They monkey was in the back seat of my two door car. He had been doing really good all day. I had just mentioned to my mother what a beautiful day today was and how great the monkey was behaving. I was getting…

Have faith. ❤️

Yesterday was progress report day. Since my son has an IEP, his progress report is very detailed compared to typical kids. It describes the goals that we have set for him in his annual ARD, it details each progress, and it also has comments of how he’s doing. These days are pretty difficult for me….

Halloween for teens and adults.

Unfortunately with disabilities such as autism, these are disabilities that are not physically visible. In the event you see a child whose 15 or 16 years old, or even a young adult, and they are trick or treating, let’s try not to judge and think, “You’re too old to be trick or treating.” Because one…

Therapy Swing 💙

Wanted to show the monkey on his therapy swing. It really helps him calm down when he’s extremely anxious. 💙💙💙

Homework Battle

The monkey’s teacher had mentioned that she felt he was ready for homework. We had tried homework a few years back and it didn’t go too well. She said she felt he was ready. What I like about this is that we get to see exactly what he’s working on, and we can see if…

A little bit more.

So the monkey is still doing great at school and at therapy. But he’s not doing so good at home. He gets fustrated and mad very easily. Today he wouldn’t take a shower to get ready for therapy, unless his dad left the house He simply woke up mad at him and wanted him out….

Apples. 🍎❤️💙

Last week was parent/teacher conference. I typically tend to prepare emotionally. Typically, it’s been meetings about how my son does not pay attention, how he’s not doing good, how he’s trying to run away, how he hits adults, he’s meltdowns, etc. Because this has been our experience, I’ve learned to prepare emotionally, and to be…