Open doors.

As I was getting ready to go to an all day meeting, I’m in my office and I quickly check Facebook. I get a notification that I have memories. And in there is a video, where my monkey was less than a year old, and my husband is asking him to count. I’m recording, my…

We will be okay.

The monkey loves to be outside with his doggies and jump on the trampoline. What I love about our backyard is that it is secure. The gates are locked and he is unable to get out. When he jumps, I leave the doors open and I roll up the blinds from all of our windows….

Happy Thanksgiving!

We want to wish our Autism families a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!! 🦃❤️  


We will be hosting a Thanksgiving lunch today for some of my husband’s students. Many of them haven’t had the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving in the traditional sense. To thank them for their hard work, we invited them over to our home. That means last night we had to fight the crowds at the grocery…


Severe. That’s the word that was used to describe my monkey for the first time by his pediatrician. Severe. I think we have known for some time that my son was on the severe side of the spectrum. I just think we tried to not face it. I remember a few years back when my…

His BFF, Harley.

The monkey, fell asleep while playing with his bestie, Harley. ❤️💙