Father’s Day

When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I called my husband at work, and let him know that we were expecting, and we were ecstatic. We were young, married for a few years, and living in a small apartment. We were happy. We didn’t know what being a parent meant, but we…

The flower.

The monkey and his flowers. He saw a flower on the ground and tried to fix it. He couldn’t figure it out so he asked his dad for help. 💙 ❤️🌻🌹🌷

Lets dare! ❤️

I have always told my daughter it is our job to defend those that can’t defend themselves, specially kids or anyone with a disability. Lets dare! ✊

Typical Sunday afternoon.

A typical Sunday afternoon inside our autism home! 😂🤣I love seeing him do this! ❤️