I lost It.

Today after I dropped off the flowers, I went to my son’s classroom. The principal came in and asked for me to step outside to talk. We went into an office nearby. She said that she had heard about the flowers I took to the paraprofessional, and she said, “You shouldn’t have done this. This…

Selfless Actions.

Brought flowers to the para professional that notified the principal when she saw this teacher abuse my son. I told her how indebted we are towards her. If it wasn’t for her, we would have never known why our son came home full of bruises. She told me it was the hardest things she has…

He keeps on surprising us.

Received this email from the monkey’s speech therapist from school. And he keeps on surprising us. ❤️  

I Got This.

Sunday as we were cleaning the backyard the monkey fell into the pool by accident, on the deep end. Of course I screamed because of how scared I got. But the monkey, he simply swam towards the stairs, and calmly climbed out. We have been working on teaching him to swim for some years now…

Surrounded by Love.

Yesterday we had a few of my husband’s students over for a BBQ, to thank them for all of their hard work. More than 15 students, and my monkey did great. It also has to do with how accepting and loving these high school kids are. And my monkey feels it, surrounded by all of…


We’ve been very blessed to have many people that care for our monkey. ❤️💙    

Honoring her brother.

My daughter’s high school graduation cap. A pick for the college she will attend and puzzles to honor her brother’s journey. 💙

Aqua Therapy

The monkey has been doing great. We’ve noticed once we open our pool for the summer, his behavior changes dramatically. We take him off his anxiety meds because the water soothes him so much. His appetite increases, he sleeps better, and he’s constantly smiling. 💙 #SummerTime #AquaTherapy

We will overcome this.

  Since our son was assaulted by his previous teacher, he doesn’t leave his classroom. He doesn’t go to PE, to sensory room, to therapy, to the cafeteria. He simply refuses and has severe meltdowns when the staff tries. His new teacher has tried to get him to go at least to the cafeteria, to…

We have power.

  Today we had our time with the board, our five minutes. The district had their turn toothed they rebutted, we rebutted, board asked questions, we answered they answered. But in the end the board ruled against us. They did say they have a condition, they want the district to increase their communication towards the us….

Funny. Not so funny.

  Today the monkey woke up at 2 am and went back to bed at 5:30. All he wanted to do was sing. And when I’d tell him to go to sleep and stop singing, he’d hum instead. 🤣 Funny now. Not so funny at 3 am. 😂 I love you even more my monkey….