Treasure these days.

Waiting for the bus this beautiful cool morning. We’ve been having really good days. The monkey’s been happy and calm. We treasure these days. ❤️

Happy Father’s Day

We want to wish all fathers out there a very Happy Father’s Day. Thank you for all that you do! ❤️

Our Unique Home

We have been working on our home for the past year or so. We’ve updated the kitchen, bathrooms, backyard. One of the things that I keep thinking about are those ‘different’ changes we have made that are specifically for our son. These unique upgrades would make most ‘typical’ households question why we have them. I…

Patience & Love

This past year has been tough for so many of us. The monkey is no exception. He’s struggled a lot with virtual learning, going back to class, mask wearing, and now his phobia of going out. But as this school year is coming to an end, I wanted to share the teacher’s note from few…

When you love what you have.

The monkey was struggling when my husband arrived from work this past weekend. It was hot outside, 96 degrees, and my husband was all day in the sun at work. I always struggle to ask him for help. Not because he won’t help me. But he’s all day in the sun working, should I burden…