Pretty perfect.

So many times I hurt that my son doesn’t have friends. I compare him to my neurotypical daughter at that age, and how her life was filled with playdates, birthday parties, and sports. This drastic difference between them is so much that it’s difficult to grasp. But in all honesty, my son is happy. He…

Calm. 💙♥️

The hubby is sick today. And it seems as if the monkey knows it. He’s been so calm and sweet. Which is exactly what my husband needs. 💙♥️

Love without a voice.

This poem was shared to us by one of my husband’s students. And it says exactly what’s in my heart. 💙 Wanted to share with you all. Photo credit: Little Puddins


The monkey and Woody. He used to like Woody, but not anymore.Not sure what the deal is, but lately, he hides him every time he sees him.🤷‍♀️

Pushing boundaries.

My monkey keeps pushing his limits. Last year he started putting his head inside the water, for a few seconds but that was a lot for us.Now, he’s trying to swim while his head is in the water. We don’t tell him what he should do or how he should ask . We simply supervise….

Father’s Day

When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I called my husband at work, and let him know that we were expecting, and we were ecstatic. We were young, married for a few years, and living in a small apartment. We were happy. We didn’t know what being a parent meant, but we…

The flower.

The monkey and his flowers. He saw a flower on the ground and tried to fix it. He couldn’t figure it out so he asked his dad for help. 💙 ❤️🌻🌹🌷


Post from the hubby: Talking to typical kids about children with autism can be a very difficult thing. I want them to know that my son has challenges and barriers, but he also has other wonderful qualities. Most of the time when the monkey is in the playground, kids have tried to engage him. I…