He is so much more.

If you are in my home at 5:30 when I get home from work, you will hear loud noises coming from my son because he’s anxious that my parents are leaving. He hugs one very hard then runs to hug the other. He hugs them both so hard that sometimes it seems like he’s going…

Our moment.

The monkey has started to try to sing when he hears YouTube songs. Right now he’s trying to sing the B.I.N.GO. song. And the humming that he does, renews this hope inside of me. And I try to push it away or to ignore it because hope can be so dangerous. We’ve had it before….

These are the moments.

My husband is sitting on the kitchen table grading his students’ essays. The monkey and I are sitting on the sofa just hanging out. Then my husband got upset. He can’t find an essay. “Damn it!”, he yells. My son gets off the sofa and runs towards my husband to hug him and kiss him….

We forget to see the now.

This is a constant struggle for me. I constantly fight to enjoy the now. To enjoy my son’s smile, laughter, and to stop worrying about what the future holds for for him.

An act of kindness.

Last night the monkey slept great. And this morning he was in such a good mood. He was happy as he was getting ready to go to school. Since he was doing so good, my husband asked if it’d be okay if he left a little early, he had to go to Walmart on his…

Making strides.

was scrolling down my Facebook page and saw a historic picture of two young boys who have autism. They were chained next to what appears to be radiator heaters, and the caption said it was in a mental institution. And as soon as I saw it, I quickly closed my Facebook. And that uneasy feeling…


My mom called me last week and said, “Did you know that the monkey likes to read the newspaper?” My sister then sent me a video of the monkey looking at an Albertsons ad, which I was very surprised. What could have sparked that curiosity? I realized it’s the word “Albertsons”. Today he was looking…