The Fight

KidsIt’s been an amazing summer for me. The perks of being an educator is the long summer that I get to spend with my kids. Usually this time consists of getting in our pool, visiting mommy for lunch, going to the mall playground, and taking my daughter to all her teenage needs. However, a greater portion of our summer is the many therapies that our little monkey has to go to. I think our monkey has had breakthrough summer with the many accomplishments he had with his different therapist. All the goals that were set up were pretty much met….very proud of my son.

We had an amazing 10-day family vacation in San Diego that I will never forget. We also went camping and even visited a new place that we had never been to. With the many memorable occasions and memories that were created I have to say that it was the “fight” that my daughter (15 years old) and my monkey (3 years old) had while we were driving in the car. Before I attempt to transcribe that moment let me set the stage for you.

I first picked my daughter from driving school and then picked up our monkey from his OT therapy. My daughter was sitting in the passenger side and asked if she could recline her chair and take a nap. When she reclined her seat, very lightly, she bumped into the monkey’s feet who was sitting in the middle of the back seat of our four door car. It was at this moment that this memorable “fight” began.

Daughter:  “Dad, he is putting his feet in my face and kicking me!”

Me to my son: “Stop hitting your sister in the face!”

Monkey:  leans forward raises his hand next to his face and say’s: “Bah blah bah blah bah blah!”

Daughter: “I don’t know what he is saying but he started.”

Monkey:  he continues to kick her and begins to shout “Bah blah bah blah bah blah!”

Me: I notice that my daughter’s chair is invading our monkey’s space.  To my daughter:  “Your seat is too far back and that is why he is kicking you off so you can move.”

Daughter: “Stop kicking me.  I’m tired.  Just let me sleep.  Dad!

At this moment I am pulling up to the drive way and my daughter goes in to the living room and lies on our couch.  When I get the monkey out of his car seat he proceeds to walk to the living room and goes straight to my daughter raising his hand and saying “Bah blah bah blah!”

She then says: “You started it.  Why are you so mean to me?” I just walked off and let them go at it.

I couldn’t be any happier for that moment.


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