I’ve noticed how the monkey has been getting more and more frustrated for his lack of communication. As he gets older, his needs are increasing and we struggle to understand them.

Today, he woke up extra frustrated. He was trying to tell us something and as much as we kept asking him, we didn’t know what the problem was.

And when it gets bad, he pinches and scratches.

On our way to therapy I sat in the back and he kept wanting something, and I couldn’t figure it out. He got so upset he lunged at me. It was rough and I was debating to cancel therapy.

I didn’t cancel therapy but did warn our therapist that he was extra anxious. I asked her to be careful, we didn’t want her getting hurt.

And after therapy was over, our OT said he did great. He was on the treadmill for 20 minutes. He didn’t want to get off. He needed that to distress.

And the rest of the day was great. An entire Saturday running errands with the family and he was happy as can be.

After all the running around, we relaxed on our balcony enjoying the beautiful afternoon.

And I remember in the morning, starting off really bad, thinking that maybe we should just stay indoors and play it safe.

But I’m glad we were brave enough to venture outdoors.

Because we would have missed out on a spectacular day. ❤️



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