Here Goes Nothing.


This evening, the principal’s secretary dropped this letter off at our doorstep.

And I feel validated.

This is all we wanted. We wanted the district to acknowledge what they did wrong. Their teacher not only hurt my son, but they also tried to hide what happened. And when I went I complain, they stated what happened to my son didn’t fall under the legal definition of “restraint”, thus not obligated to tell us.

And that response broke my heart.

After months of sending emails, phone calls, staying up nights to understand what the rules and regulations are, we finally received what we wanted.

And it’s so sad that we had to go thru all of these hoops to feel vindicated.

I don’t think I’m done though. Just because we receivd this letter, doesn’t mean policy and procedures will change.

My goal is that parents be acknowledged, that they receive notice, and that their compalints be heard.

I’m not sure if I’m asking for too much, but here goes nothing.




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