The Monkey’s Smile

Yesterday in the afternoon I received a note from the monkey’s teacher. He had a meltdown on their way to PE. The same thing happened last year. After the incident with his teacher, he hated PE. His psychiatrist said maybe something happened to him in PE or he is associating his abuse with PE. Either or, transitioning to PE was very difficult. I thought that this year, with the new school, new teacher, new building, we would be off to a new start. This morning, his teacher sent me another message. PE. Again. He had a meltdown and he became so scared he bit her. And my heart just breaks. He is scared and I cannot help him in making him feel safe. She said that after they arrived to PE he was fine. He enjoyed it and then they went back to his classroom with no incidents.

But knowing that he still doesn’t feel safe is very hard to deal with.

Yet at home last night, he was so happy and smiling. And this morning, he woke up so happy ready to shower and get ready for school.

We will get thru this my monkey. This man does not define who you are. We will get better. You will feel safe.

During these dark times, my monkey’s smile always erases the darkness. ❤️

Photo Credit: Diary of an Autism Mom






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