Got up early today and tried hiking with the family. We even took one of our doggies. It’s a mile up and a mile coming down. We can do this!

We figured it will be dead if we go early. Nope. There was a hiking party. We thought it’d be too much for the monkey with that many people. But he did well.

As you get higher it gets steeper to climb. He did ask me a few times to carry him but I told him, he was a big boy and he can do it himself. So he kept walking.

At the end you reach a cave. He struggled a little there, with the echoes from all of the noise. But I took some Captain Crunch and he distracted himself eating his snacks.

We don’t try new things much, always worried how he will react. But the monkey surprised us. He’s been doing that a lot lately.❤️

Overall great morning. 😊💙


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