The tennis shoes.

The monkey is very set on his way. As most people on the spectrum understand, he likes routines and doesn’t appreciate change.

We bought him these tennis a while back and he loves them. As you can tell, they are old and ugly. I haven’t been able to find the same type of shoes that are his size. And it has been a nightmare. Currently, he has five new pair of tennis shoes that he refuses to use. He will only use these.

The truth is I don’t care if they are ugly and old. If he likes them then he can wear them. My mom on the other hand, hates his shoes. She takes him to therapy and she says she hates it and worries what people will say. I understand her concern. I understand that she feels bad. But I tell her we have too many other battles when it comes to my son that are worth fighting. This one, I simply don’t care.

But today was different. She showed me how they are creating blisters on his feet. So I’m giving in, it’s time for new shoes. Today I was able to find these othet shoes at Marshall’s but they are different color and not jean material. But overall the same style and they are his size. This is as good as it can get.

Tomorrow is the first day of class now that his break is over. And I just don’t want these shoes to be an issue. So I will dress him while he sleeps and cross my fingers he doesn’t notice. I also threw his old shoes in the trash. There’s no turning back.

Change is always hard on our kiddos. I hope tomorrow runs smoothly.

Wish us luck. 🤞🙏


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