A little bit extra patience. 💙

Our solution to my parents getting injured by the monkey while driving is that we are picking him up at therapy. He’s not very happy about this change. Yesterday he saw us after therapy and had a small meltdown. Change is always very difficult. But we figured he will eventually get used to it. We don’t want our parents to get injured again.

This morning as the monkey is getting on the bus, the bus driver told us their solution for when they drive past an Albertsons.

They take the longer route to avoid the store.

He was telling us, “Why will I go that way knowing that it upsets him? If this is difficult for the monkey, the best thing to do is to avoid anything that makes him upset and impedes his learning.”

He said they haven’t had an issue in two weeks. ❤️

And that’s how we know our son is loved. He needs a little bit extra patience, and he is receiving that and more.

And today, I’m thankful.


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