A belt is a necessity.

At night we always get ready for the morning rush. We make sure the monkey’s lunch is ready, his backpack is set, and his school clothes are laid out. This way in the morning, we aren’t running looking for shoes, or jacket, etc.

And tonight I couldn’t find his belt. I looked everywhere and I couldn’t find it. Why is this so important? The monkey has a tendency to take his clothes off. We’ve had issues in the past of him undressing himself but we found a solution.

The belt.

He is unable to undress himself since he doesn’t know how to unbuckle. Perfect solution.

Which means having a belt is very important. No belt could mean no clothes. When he was younger it was cute. Now that he’s older, undressing himself in the middle of the cafeteria would not be appropriate.

The last time I couldn’t find his belt my husband was at Walmart late at night looking for one. And it looked like tonight was going to be spent at Walmart again.

But fortunately I was able to find it.

Crisis diverted. Whew.

I know for typical households these little things don’t mean much, but in our autism home, consistency is the key. Routine is very much followed.

And a belt is a necessity. ❤️


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