Bouncy house.

My sister had a house warming party today and she invited a lot of people. We arrived early because I was going to help with the set up. We also arrived early because I knew this would be difficult for my son.

My sister had a bouncy house. We haven’t been to a party with a bouncy house in a while. The monkey was scared. He’d stare from inside, where he was safe. I was trying to show him that it was safe. I went inside the bouncy house and was jumping and he would stare from inside.

Little by little he’d go outside, then back inside the house. He finally had the nerve to touch the bouncy house then he’d run back inside. One of the times he poped his head inside the bouncy house and ran back inside the house. He was scared but he kept trying.

And these are the things that are so amazing about our kids. They have to face their fear on a daily basis. They are so brave.

After about an hour he had the courage to go inside the bouncy house and bounce away.

As kid started to arrive, they’d run inside the bouncy house with no issues. And that made me that much more proud of my son.

Little steps for some, huge leaps for us.

Great job buddy. โค๏ธ So proud of you. ๐Ÿ’™


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