He is Autism.

My husband went to an autism event with his students. There were different vendors and he saw this piece and he thought of me. I absolutely love it. In the back, the artist dedicated it to me with the message, “From one autism mom to another. 💙”It reads:
He covers his ears in fear.
Loud noises pierce him.
The unknown brings out the worst in him.
His thoughts are genius.
He can’t put his thoughts in words.
His emotions are heightened.
Sometimes uncontrollable,
At his worst he begs for help.
I feel helpless.
He sees the world differently.
He knows he’s different.
So he hides away.
His unreality reality is his comfort.
He’ll do anything for isolation.
Anything to be himself,
Anything to be understood,
Not to change but to be accepted.
He is autism. 💙


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