Post from the hubby:

Talking to typical kids about children with autism can be a very difficult thing. I want them to know that my son has challenges and barriers, but he also has other wonderful qualities. Most of the time when the monkey is in the playground, kids have tried to engage him. I often just look at the interaction from afar. These kids that try to play with him get a little confused. Why is he not answering? Why does he not want to play? Why does he make those sounds? Why does he flap his arms like that? Those are some of the questions I’ve heard them ask their parents. I’ve walked away thinking there must be a way to teach these kids about our AU kiddos?

I had an amazing experience some time ago with a little guy named Rowan, a son of one of our friends. That particular day, I went over to pick up an item at their home. When I got there, Rowan was excited thinking my little monkey had come over for a play date. He was disappointed that I did not bring him with me. In the midst of a conversation with him and his mom about my son, we started talking about my monkey’s AU challenges. Every time I mentioned a challenge that my monkey had(s), Rowan would respond with a positive outlook of the situation. “Maybe he has super hearing powers and it’s too much for him?”; “Maybe he doesn’t want to talk yet?”; “He simply needs time to be alone to figure things out”. I was blown away by his words. Rowan had an amazing perspective. When I mentioned “challenges” Rowan thought of “superpowers”. I drove home with in tears.

Children are wonderful and have beautiful hearts. We just need to guide them, and they can come to similar observations like those of Rowan. So, in honor of Rowan, the creators of “Harley and Bella” would like to share and dedicate this poem. Thank you, Rowan, for sharing your beautiful heart.

I hope you all enjoy it!!!


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