He found it.

Summers are great for the monkey due to the pool. He loves to swim and we notice how it relaxes him and it de-stresses. His anxiety lessens and he’s just happier.

We bought this house about ten years ago. We didn’t know it then that we’d have a little guy with special needs that would benefit from this pool immensely. We know how blessed we are to have this, and we don’t take it for granted. I count my lucky stars for such a gift.

Every year as soon as the weather permits my monkey will jump at the chance to swim. But this year he didnt. He didn’t even want to get near the pool. I wasn’t sure why. We invited my husband’s students over during Memorial Day weekend, a “thank you” cook out for them. A chance for us to express our gratitude in helping with all the community service projects my husband plans.

And the monkey just looked at the students swimming from far away. He just simply wasn’t interested.

When we tried to get him in the pool, he’d run away. Terrified.

Yesterday the monkey and I were alone and I noticed he was staring at the pool. I went over and put my feet inside. He looked at me from far and little by little came towards me. After some hours, he eventually put his feet in too. That was it. Just his feet.

I sent pictures to my husband and daughter to show my excitement. They were upset they weren’t here to witness it. ❤️

Today my husband and I were outside, as we typically are. Hanging out with the dogs, grilling food. And the monkey puts his feet in the pool, all on his own. Eventually he went inside the pool. Little by little he would get deeper. After a few hours he had the confidence to swim across.

I don’t know if he remembers swimming from prior years. I don’t think he remembers how much he loves to swim. I don’t know why he was so scared when other years he can’t wait to go in. My sister thinks that maybe he had a bad dream and that’s what he remembers. Whatever it is, we could see his struggle, his fear. We could see how he was fighting this for some time. And we felt unable to reach him, as much as we tried. But my husband said to give him space. At his time he will find his courage.

And today he found it. 😊


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