She can show you.

Lately, every time we drive up to our house, the monkey loses it. He starts crying uncontrollably. He starts hitting anyone near him. We aren’t sure what it is, but something is going on. And it only happens when we turn towards our home.

Today my husband sat with him in the back, and gave him his iPad. We were hoping he’d communicate and tell us what’s wrong. But instead he lunged at my husband, and scratched him pretty bad.

Needless to say, my husband scolded him. And when his dad gets mad, real mad, the monkey gets very hurt. As we are entering the house, the monkey tried to ask for forgiveness. He tried hugging his dad, trying to kiss him. My husband wasn’t having it. He kept telling him, ‘You can’t be hurting people that love you!” And put him in time out.

And the monkey kept crying and crying. He was sorry.

He instantly goes to his sister. He needed reassurance that he is loved. And she right away turned around, and hugged him.

When you see my special needs son, and you don’t know how to treat him, just look at his sister. She can show you. ❤️


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