Like many kids with autism, my son is obsessed with order and routine. He gets consumed with repetitive behavior. We always to try teach him that the world is not like that. We want to explain to him that on the contrary, the world usually comes with disorder.

But one of the things that help him during difficult times is to put things in order. If he’s been given the opportunity to fix unorganized things, it helps him cope. It helps him relax a bit, and it helps him de-stress.

At home, our amazing in- home trainer told us that in school he likes the alphabet. Okay he LOVES it! In order to replicate that, she made us letters and numbers to put up on our wall at home.

And it works.

When he’s having rough days, we will ask him if he wants to do the alphabet. We will take down the letters and he will put them up in order. Sometimes he puts them up quick, his anxiety makes him have to get back to order quickly. Other times he takes his time, looking at each letter and the picture that comes with it. It all depends on his mood and on his needs.

I love that something this manageable helps him cope. I love that he is able to regain himself and find peace with simply putting the alphabet in order.

And I’m so happy that when it gets tough, he finds solance and comfort with his ABCs. 💙♥️


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