The letter A

A post from the hubby:

The letter A.

Our monkey is all about order. One of the things that he does when he sees letters that are not symmetrical or accurate aligned, he will re-align the letters to his satisfaction. My wife has written about this before.

A few days ago, we were in the waiting area at our therapy place. We were waiting for his fairly new therapist. In the waiting area, there are various decorations and some toys for kids to play while they wait for their session to start. My son was struggling with the letter A on the wall. He kept going to the wall and removing the letter and putting it back. He was struggling to align it to his liking. I had to be careful every time he did this because there were people that were sitting close by. And our monkey can be overwhelming.

While I was trying to get him down the chair, and also trying to clamn his anxiety down, his therapist came out. At the same time my son runs to grab letter A and removes it from the wall. However this time, he crumbles it. It was too much for him. He wasn’t able to align it just right.

His therapist sees all this and tells him to put the letter back. I was about to tell her that he is struggling with the letter not being aligned correctly. But I didn’t get the chance. She looks at me and then at my son. She then grabs the letter and flips it backwards and proceeds to stick on the wall.

Now let me pause for a moment here. This has a potential for a tantrum if not a full meltdown.

As she does this my eyes widen up with disbelief. Both my son and I are staring at each other. Although my son is not verbal I can feel him telling me, “I can’t believe she just did this! I can’t believe the letter is backwards! Who would do such a horrible thing? ”

I was getting ready for the full meltdown. However, the monkey just stood there, in disbelief. His mouth wide open.

The therapist proceeds to grab the monkey by the hand and says, “Let’s go buddy”.

I am still waiting for the meltdown. He simply walks with his therapist. You can see the torture on his face. But he was too stunned to react.

He left staring in disbelief at the backwards ‘A’ pinned on the wall.

I’m laughing and giggling over the incident. Who would have known that the letter A would give us a great lesson: Not everything is perfect, and that’s okay.


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