Your voice

My son started school this week. I’m so grateful that his teacher has first and second graders, which means we get to have the same teacher from last year. She’s the sweetest most patient person I have met. And we also get to keep both paraprofessionals! It’s a win win.

This year, the first graders were a lot more than last year. It was going to be a very full class. But the administration stepped in and separated the two classes. My son’s second grade class now only has six students. Six students and three adults. I cannot be more pleased.

We had a meet the teacher event last Friday. My husband couldn’t go since my son had therapy session. I went alone.

When I got there, a parent was talking to the teacher. She had twins. One of them was on the spectrum. She seemed to be a single mom. Both her parents were there with her. They were each looking after one of the boys.

You could feel the love these boys were receiving. My husband always says that a child that is loved will always make it in life. Because love is all you need.

As they are leaving, they were saying their, ‘Nice to meet you’s”, the grandma starts crying, softly. She manages to say, “Please be kind to my boy. He is special. He needs a lot of patience and love.”

The teacher right away went to comfort her and to reassure her.

The grandpa became emotional too and had to go to the corner to quietly wipe away his tears.

And I think this is all of us. All we want is for our kids to be loved, for our teachers to have patience towards our children. And hope that they are taken care of.

I still have my inner struggles of trust since the other teacher hurt my son. I always have to work hard to put those feelings aside. I need to have hope that not everyone is like that.

My husband says that this horrific experience with our son has made him lose faith in our school district. But I tell him that it is okay. We can’t let the bad people win. We can’t let them define our lives.

We define it. We live for our kids. We will keep moving forward. ♥️

This will be a great school year. And you never know, maybe, just maybe, this year, my son may find his voice.

Maybe. 🙏🙏🙏

Until then, I will be your voice my son. ♥️


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