Grandparents’ Love

My mom called me at work today. She was very excited. She was telling me that she heard my son say the word Daddy. My son has been babbling a lot lately, and every now and then it sounds like he’s actually saying an actual word. She assured me he said Daddy. She assured me he knew what he was saying and that he said it intentionally. I’m not sure that my son said it intentionally. But what I am sure is that I know that my mother fully believes that he did. And during her call, while I’m at work, getting ready to go over some reports, listening to my mother as she tells me this, I need to stop. I need to stop to appreciate the blessings that we have. Because my kids have so much to live for. And one of the things at the top of the list is their grandparents’ love.

And adding to this, is the fact that they truly believe my son will speak soon.

What more can we ask for. ❤️


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