When you love what you have.

The monkey was struggling when my husband arrived from work this past weekend. It was hot outside, 96 degrees, and my husband was all day in the sun at work. I always struggle to ask him for help. Not because he won’t help me. But he’s all day in the sun working, should I burden him with the monkey?

But as my husband arrived from work, he heard the monkey was crying upstairs. He ran upstairs and asked me: “What do you need? How do I help?”

The monkey was very anxious. He was showering and couldn’t calm down. Even with both of us there trying to help him, it was not working.

A while later my daughter arrived from work. I heard her knocking outside our bedroom door. She still had her work uniform on. And as I open the door she asked me: “What do you need? How do I help?”

I told her the monkey was struggling and was very anxious. But we were handling it. She said, “Ok let me change real quick and I can help you guys out.”

It’s hard for me to remember what our life was before the monkey arrived. Before autism came to our lives I don’t remember much the people that we were. But now, I step out of our box and take a peek inside our lives and see the people that we have become. I see that we’ve become a family that’s more understanding, more aware of other struggles, and simply more caring. I can see it in how my husband is with his students and how empathetic he is with their personal struggles. I can see it in my daughter when she tells me the stories of customers that need a little bit of patience when she’s at work. I can see in how they always are willing to help, drop everything in a moments notice when they know there’s a need.

And I can see it when they’ve had very rough day at work, and how they forget all of that and put the monkey as their priority. ❤️


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  1. Jaya says:

    The cooperation and love you all show to each other is admirable. Very often missing in most families. Best wishes to you all. ❤


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