We forget to see the now.

This is a constant struggle for me. I constantly fight to enjoy the now. To enjoy my son’s smile, laughter, and to stop worrying about what the future holds for for him.


My mom called me last week and said, “Did you know that the monkey likes to read the newspaper?” My sister then sent me a video of the monkey looking at an Albertsons ad, which I was very surprised. What could have sparked that curiosity? I realized it’s the word “Albertsons”. Today he was looking…

Veil of Autism.

“In pursuit of the secret world of a child lost behind the invisible veil of autism.”❤️💙 Photo credit: Autism Treatment Center of America

I’m an Autism Advocate. 😉💙❤️

For my birthday, my daughter asked her friend to paint this monkey with a beautiful quote. And at work, the girls decorated my office with puzzle pieces and gave me this candy tree, with autism lollipops. Yes, I’m an Autism Advocate. 😉💙❤️