Never a dull moment. 😂🤣

I’m sitting down reading a book and then the monkey does this. It’s never a dull moment with this little guy. 😂🤣

Where’s the ice cream? 🤣😂

I’ve been sick these past few days, and have just been resting at home. This morning my husband was outside working and the monkey came over to grab my hand. He took me to our front door and handed me the keys to the car. He does this every now and then. He wants to…

He is Autism.

My husband went to an autism event with his students. There were different vendors and he saw this piece and he thought of me. I absolutely love it. In the back, the artist dedicated it to me with the message, “From one autism mom to another. 💙”It reads: He covers his ears in fear. Loud…

Albertsons PEC

Our in-home trainer made us this Albertsons PEC, and he’s able to sort the letters with velcro. I love how his humming tells us how much he enjoys this task.❤️💙

Non Verbal Cues. ❤️

Our in home trainer brought us a little three ring binder with PECs. She didn’t want to overwhelm the monkey so she only included six pictures. On the front of the binder, there is a long velcro sticker. He has to open the binder, get the PEC that he wants and put it on the…

What others want.

I read somewhere that the grass is greener where you water it. So let’s try to stop worrying of what we don’t have or what we need, and take a moment to appreciate what we have, and just be happy. ❤️

Be there. ❤️

Football has never been a big part of my family. My husband is more into boxing than any other sport. Super bowls are fun simply because we get to hang out with family and friends. Before my son was born, we would go to football super bowl parties all the time. We’d eat and hang…

Our moment.

The monkey has started to try to sing when he hears YouTube songs. Right now he’s trying to sing the B.I.N.GO. song. And the humming that he does, renews this hope inside of me. And I try to push it away or to ignore it because hope can be so dangerous. We’ve had it before….