The world will see it too.

I’ve mentioned how the monkey had not been doing great at home. At school yes, not so much at home  But while I was out last week, my husband said he’d been behaving amazing. He was listening and he was patient but he was also loving. He just wanted to be close and constantly hugged.

My sister babysat on Saturday morning and she said he was great. She sent me a text that he was listening to her. They went for a drive and halfway down the street the car broke down. How does one explain to a kid like mine that they can’t keep driving and need to walk back home? And yet he did. His routine changed.  No meltdowns.

I arrived home late from the airport andhe was already asleep. The next morning when he wakes up he saw me, and he just stared at me. He got both of his hands, put them on my cheeks and stared. I kept telling him I missed him and I was glad to be home.

Well since then he just wants to be close. I sit down and he squeezes next to me. He wants to sleep with me. He won’t let me out of his sight.  But he’s the same with my husband. My husband will go upstairs and the monkey follows him or waits for him outside while he showers. It’s as if he’s scared one of us will leave. We try to reassure him we won’t. But he needs constant reassurance.

We were told he wouldn’t connect. He wouldn’t be social and he wouldn’t bond with us.

And this my son’s way of telling the pediatric neurologists that they were wrong.

I used to pray that my son could achieve this emotional level.

And now look at him. 

Children and adults on the spectrum are underestimated so many times. I know that it is my job to be my son’s voice, and in doing so, I can prove that he’s much more than his diagnosis. And hopefully soon, the world will see it too.   ❤️