Only light can drive out darkness.”

MartinSo we filed the police report today. The investigator said the class cameras didn’t capture anything. The witness says the teacher did this on the hallway, away from the classroom cameras. But he said they will keep looking. He will update us as his investigation continues.

He also said that he knows my son’s teacher. This investigator was also in charge of this teacher’s first allegations.

Since we are driving blind here, we decided to get legal help. We have an appointment tomorrow with an attorney to see what our options are.

One of the hardest decision was to let my parents know what happened. I was hoping I didn’t need to tell them. But since my son isn’t going to school for now until investigation ends, I need my parents to take care of him while we are at work.

And hearing my mom cry non-stop on the phone after hearing her grandson is full of bruises, is simply heartbreaking.

However just about an hour ago, we hear the doorbell. It’s late and we are getting ready for bed. We are questioning who’d be visiting us this late.

And there are my elderly parents. Stopping by, way past their bedtime, wanting to see the monkey, looking for some type of assurance that he’s okay. Bringing him his favorite treat.

And I treasure these acts of love. Holding on to these type of stories, is a start to our healing process.

“Only light can drive out darkness.”


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