Today was a good day.

Today we went to central district offices to meet with the principal and the Asst Superintendent to discuss th formal complaint I had filed.

Our goal was to find out the whys. Why did this happen to our son? Why were we not notified when it was first reported? Why was law enforcement not called right away?

And although it was a rough meeting, we were finally notified that this teacher had been fired.

He won’t be working for this school district anymore.

And I’m relieved.

After all the emails, calls, faxes, & forms, our concerns were heard and he has been terminated.

This is not the end for us. Next is to focus on getting him indicted by the grand jury. I will also be fighting to see if we can revoke his license to teach. Just because he can’t work for our district, doesn’t mean he may not try to find a job in another one.

And as much as I’m happy with this outcome, we aren’t done fighting.

We won a battle. But I promised my son I will keep fighting until we win the war.

I have hope.


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