Mama Bear.

PositivityToday we received the attorney’s response from the district in reference to the TEA complaint I submitted against the principal. My complaint is: According to legal framework, if someone restraints my son, we are to be informed of this restraint verbally that same day, and in writing the next day.

The aide saw that my son was being physically assaulted, informed the principal. The principal didn’t do anything. We didn’t know there was a witness until 4 days later, when CPS  informed us.

The school never told us who the witness was. They also didn’t provide us the witness report. Until today. They were obligated to send us a copy of all the documentation they were submitting to the TEA.

The witness, who is one of the paraprofessionals, said she saw that the teacher was frustrated and was holding my son up in an aggressive manner. She said my son was in pain. And this just breaks my heart. My son couldn’t tell us this happened to him.

The principal’s response was that the witness didn’t tell her in a way that was alarming. Which is why she didn’t check up on my son until the next day. The school’s response: to give better training to the aide in how to make reports.

They are throwing the aid under the bus.

And the other thing the attorneys are suggesting: What was witnessed doesn’t fall under the definition of a restraint. So the principal isn’t obligated to inform us. That’s how they clean their hands.

And this is how our Friday evening is. Heart broken at the lack of ownership this school is taking.

But I don’t think they know that this letter, all it did was strengthen my determination to keep fighting for justice. I’ve been very pleasant and patient. I thought they’d take ownership, apologize, and make changes so this won’t happen again.

Far from it. So now, they will see what a mama bear is.


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