A little bit of understanding.

VotedThis election season is the first time my daughter is able to vote. Yesterday was the last day of early voting. And she was very excited. I promised her we would go together.

My husband had stuff to do at work, so it was the three of us headed to the polls. And as you know, a cramped space with people waiting in line is a tough situation to be in with my monkey.

He went in with his iPad and I figured he was distracted enough not to notice all the people and the noise. As we are signing in, one of the ladies told a gentleman that electronic devices were not allowed while waiting in line.

I went up to her and told her my son had autism and this would be the only way he could be distracted. At this point he’s getting anxious, fussy, and I know it will be only a few minutes before he has a break down.

She told me not to worry that she understood. So I went to stand behind my daughter in the line. Then the monkey realized where we were. His anxiety tripled in an instant and he was struggling.

Within seconds, the lady came up to me and told me I could go to the side and sit down, away from the other people, while my son calmed down.

And it worked.

I was able to sooth him and give him deep pressure hugs and massages.

When the other voting machine was empty, I wasn’t sure how to get up and go vote. But the lady had other plans. She took the voting machine out of the stand and placed it on the table in front of me.

And during this time all I had to do was press the buttons to vote while hugging my son. As soon as I was done, she took my voting card and gave me my “I voted sticker”. Then she took the machine back to the stand.

And just like that, with a little bit of patience, some understanding and assistance, my daughter and I voted.

And for this, I’m thankful


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