A Rough One

Blog 1Today was a rough one. I got a call from the principal that my monkey bit his teacher twice, pretty bad. They had to send her to get checked. They brought in the pre-k teacher next door to be in the class.

When my husband and I arrived at school, he was calm. Sitting on his desk, eating his snack, watching a learning video along with the other students.

We found out something happened. I’m not sure what but he got startled. A strange noise, a reminder of his abuse, not sure. He was doing fine then within seconds he got scared. He had a meltdown. As the teacher and aide we’re trying to assist him, he got into defend mode. He was crying and fighting off everyone that got near him.

When the new teacher tried to get him, he kicked and scratched and bit her, defending himself.

This situation lasted about 10 minutes. Then, after realizing he was safe, some coaching to calm him down, he got better. And had a very good rest of the day.

And this is just so hard to bear. He is still dealing with what happened to him. How can we as parents assist him if he can’t talk? He can’t communicate. We try to tell him he’s safe. The teacher that assaulted him left. We have a new classroom. New teacher. New aide. And yet he was triggered by something where he felt threatened to the point of fighting anyone that got near him.

And I think of this new teacher, who was trying to assist him. Who was trying to help him, and he hurt her.

And all of this just breaks my heart.


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